Skygii FQ01s Triangle Roof Top Tent With Light Weight

Skygii FQ01s Triangle Roof Top Tent With Light Weight

● Ultra Light Weight 42Kgs
● Security Anti-theft Locks
● Slim Shape for windbreak
● Optional Function: Carry weight on tent roof
● For example: Surfboard,Tyre, Luggage

Product Details

Fast Open/close by gas strut arms


Automatic Roof Top Tent Details:

1. High resistance to tear and transparent mosquito net

2. High density & high elasticity mattress with removable cover

3. High-end design tent ceiling

4. Waterproof oxford storage bags

5 Hook for fix ladders

6 Buttons for shoes bag


How To Install The Automatic Roof Top Tent D02S?


Accessories of Automatic Roof Top Tent D02M:

  1x Telescoping ladder

  1x Mattress

  1x Mounts & Tools

  1x Outdoor solar LED light

Annex is optional. If you need it, please contact us

Quantity in Container:

20 GP: 33pcs / container

40 GP: 66pcs / container

40 HQ: 75pcs / container

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