Roof Top Tent

The roof top tent is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tour. It has a significant improvement from the streamline of appearance to the weight reduction. This effectively increases the convenience of travel. The roof top tents are quick and easy to install, adapt to a variety of models, and complement the off-road vehicles and SUVs. The roof top tent is known as the home on the roof of the car, and it truly realizes the artistic conception of building a home and being safe.
The roof top tent is to place the tent on the roof of the car. It is different from the tent that is placed on the ground during outdoor camping. The installation and use of the roof top tent is very convenient. The roof top tent has many unparalleled advantages and is therefore welcomed by a wide range of travelers. As long as you have a roof top tent, you can avoid the restrictions of the itinerary, you can "came the camp" anytime, anywhere without having to find a hotel everywhere, but also save a lot of accommodation costs.
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The roof top tents we provide mainly include:
1. Manually deploying, you need to set up the tent yourself, the ladder is placed, but the interior space of the tent will be relatively large, very practical and cheap.
2. The fully automatic roof top tent driven by the motor is more convenient to open and close, avoiding the troubles of arranging tents and saving a lot of effort and time.
3. The direct-automatic roof top tent has a faster opening and stowage, and the space is small, which looks the most simple and beautiful.
1. Made of high-strength fabric and metal structure.
2. Experienced high quality by weatherproof, rainproof and sand proof tests.
3. There is a warm compartment and it is very comfortable to sleep.
4. Effectively avoids the infestation of insects.
5. Can save more space inside the car and carry more luggage.
Suitable for all types of vehicles, such as off-road vehicles, SUVs, station wagons, MPVs, cars, etc.