SKYGII Wind Resistant 4WD Off-Road Roof Tent on Top of Car

● High Stress Shell
● With Hydraulic systems
● Waterproof, Windproof, Dampproof
● For 2-3 persons

Product Details

SKYGII Wind Resistant 4WD Off-Road Roof Tent On Top of Car

Product Description

roof top tents and awnings are ready within minutes, so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Manufactured from durable high quality poly/cotton breathable fabric, your mould and waterproof roof top tent fits neatly onto the roof of your 4x4. A sturdy aluminium retractable ladder allows for easy access. Mattresses come with a 65mm high-density foam mattress with a removable cover. With fully screened windows and doors, dustproof and insect-resistant.

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