Roof Top Tent Accessories

The roof top tent accessories we offer including SKYGII rack for car roof top tent, SKYGII ladder for car roof top tent, SKYGII FQ02S/ FQ02M hard shell car rooftop tent with light weight. DAC Technology is professional as one of leading roof top tent accessories manufacturers and suppliers. Our distributor is spread around the world. Please be free to wholesale the best roof top tent accessories for sale with our factory. Our dealer also offers the customized service.
The roof top tent accessories is hinged by two or more units, and each unit is composed of two pipe members which are crossed and hinged together, and the upper ends of the pipe members are hinged together through the hinge shaft, and the upper portion of the pipe member is sleeved and slipped. The sleeve is provided with a limiting block under the sliding sleeve, and two short tubular members are hinged on the sliding sleeve, and the other ends of the short tubular members are respectively hinged on the upper part of the two adjacent tubular members of the same unit, and the hinge point is slightly lower than the horizontal position of the limiting block.
Our ladders stay mounted to the base allowing for quick and easy set up and down of the tent. The SKYGII ladder for car roof top tent provides an ideal height to your rooftop tent ladder. Simply slide the ladder arms into the aluminum body, drill the pin location to accommodate your necessary height and enjoy. We also give you an extension for your additional room that zips under our tents so the ladder extension and lower room can be used together.
1. Compact structure, no need for plugging.
2. Perfect accessories for camping.
3. High quality replacement galvanized iron pole kit.
4. Easy to use, handy to take as a spare when camping.
5. Lightweight with a small pack size for easy transportation and storage.
6. Make the tent more spacious, the interior is brighter and more airy.