Truck Tent With Moisture, Dust, Ventilation And Other Functions

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Truck Tent Product performance: also known as cotton tents, military tents, construction tents, civil tents, etc., it belongs to one of the tents, military and civilian general tents products.

Truck Tent Product use: for field trips, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood control when the field long / short term residential use.

Truck Tent performance structure: (1) tent specifications: 4 * 3,4.5 * 4.6,6 * 4.6,7.5 * 4.8,10 * 4.8. Square tube bracket for 25,30 paint, pipe thickness as standard 1.2MM, square tube structure is relatively stable. (2 meters tall and easy to use, can withstand 8 wind and 6 cm thick snow load. (3) Tent with steel frame structure, simple structure, easy to display, 25 minutes or so / 4 people can be set up or withdrawn finished (product with installation instructions, a look that will). (4) tents (cloth + steel frame a total of 4 or 5), all parts of all containers within the package, the shape of the regular, easy to carry long-distance transport or short-distance transport. (5) Tent the whole army with green canvas and Oxford cloth (Dongnuanxialiang), the middle of the use of blankets, lined with white cloth, work to military tents as the standard. Windows with gauze, with anti-mosquito, ventilation and other functions. The windows are equipped with plexiglass plates, summer with windproof lighting, winter can be used to light insulation.

Truck Tent Product Features: Work to military tents as a standard (solid materials). Top fabric for the three anti-cloth, gable, wall fabric for the thickening of cotton canvas, the middle of the use of thick felt, lined with white cloth. Doors and windows (screens) to open a large area, with moisture, dust, ventilation and other functions (Dongnuanxialiang). Pole for welding 3cmX3cm square tube, the use of high oxygen welding method,Truck Tent do rust treatment (durable). Tent with steel frame structure, reasonable structure (product with installation instructions, a look that is). Standard tent 1.5 meters high, special tent 1.8 meters high (can be put on the bunk).

A: After the cargo transporter can really carry out the three inspection operations, goods loading, tarpapper thatch, rope tied, the door reinforcement can be held to really view, and to check the failure of the vehicle re-tied

In the near future, there is little use of gondola in the warehouse to transport foodstuffs, so that some shippers on the floor are loaded with tarpaulins. The rope is tied to some of the surface. It can not strictly enforce the relevant laws and regulations. To this end, my class decided to use the car to install goods, to avoid falling tarpaulin, to ensure traffic safety.


Two current situation analysis;

As the on-site shippers have not used the gondola to load the goods for a long time, some common knowledge of the business, can not be used in accordance with the tarpaulin skills, precise counseling and handling workers on the tarpaulins held by the cover and tarpaulin rope tied reinforcement, There are hand cover and ladder, rope in the T-shaped iron around the fetters of too many bundles of inaccurate scene, easy to form a rope fall, endanger traffic safety.

Three methods

1, really learn the Truck Tent use homework skills conditions common sense, master the tarpapper thatchai common sense of progress degree. 2, tarpapper that cover before the use of the tarpaulin to really see the cloth is not complete and outstanding without damage, the gap rope is not complete.

3, the car is completed, the cargo must be in the field of personal care and workers on the tarpapper that cover the reinforcement of the operation of the stare control. Strict implementation of the loading of the three inspection operations, the failure of the necessary re-order finishing.

Four implementation;

1, set the research method, we in order to make small members can master and use, use a variety of timing, such as the name will be, classes and ordinary hours without learning time to learn from each other, and from time to time combined with the actual situation of the perfect method to ensure that the Method to the smooth implementation of the various homework links.

2, when loading, the cargo can be safe to live on the scene of the tarpaulin view, the tarpaulin bad or lack of rope tarpaulin prohibited use, and the precise tarpapper cover that cover the way, so that the front of the tarpapper vertical cover, Both sides of the tarpaulin drooping height consistent, the truck has the idea of one end, tarpaulins hanging cage cover part of the wall height of 300 ~ 500mm, the other end of 600mm or so, tarpaulins rope tied to the T-iron on the use of bow tie knot, rope The length of the tail does not exceed 300mm not less than 100mm and the rope card will be more than the end of the card stuck.

3, each car after the completion of the car, the attendant will be with the supervision of loading and unloading cargo on the vehicle tarpaulin covered rope tied to hold a strict view of the failure of the vehicle held in time to pick up finishing, to ensure traffic safety.

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