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- Jun 26, 2017 -

In accordance with the purpose of the use of different camps, tents can be divided into office use, activities, health, cooking, storage, accommodation, rest and so on, various forms of tents,Truck Tent have their different structures and Its application of the place, the traditional house account as an example, explain the name of its various parts:

(1). House account

1. Account top: the slope of the part of the tent, the main function is shade, wind and drainage.

2. Camp wall: the vertical part of the tent on both sides, so that the top of the tent will not fall to the ground and affect the account space (but vertebral account, debt account, wing account, exploration account, etc.), some tents Of the wall is very large, such as elevated umbrella account, beach accounts, villas and so on.

3. Camp door: Camp door open at both ends,Truck Tent four copies of the following is only the front end of the fold, and the back closed into a wall, and in the wall set screens to facilitate ventilation.

4. Floor cloth: must be completely impermeable (such as PE cloth) in order to prevent the rise of underground moisture, and with the wall joints together (preferably on the fold 10 cm above, better waterproof).

5. Shade door: the day will be opened outside the door, only off the door can make the account well ventilated, and anti-mosquito snake into.

(2) Annex of single-storey house account:

1. Camp column: Camp column can be more for the joint of aluminum, aluminum pipe or yurts used glass fiber column, glass fiber tube, large tents are used to withstand a variety of strong steel pipe.

2. Camp nail: wood, metal or ABS plastic can be made in the form can be divided into two types of linear and chip type, about 20 cm in length, linear inserted into the soil is easier but less force,Truck Tent It is generally used for camping corner, the chip to bear the strength, and for the fixed main, side camp rope.

3. Main rope: for the use of fixed camp column,Truck Tent a strength to more than 120 kg, both in front and rear of the tent.

4. Cordyard: in the four corners of the tent, used to keep the top of the account.

5. Auxiliary rope: at both ends of the tent (side), can be supported by both sides of the camp wall to enhance the wind resistance.

6. Camp ropes: used to tighten the various camps, divided into closed and open two,Truck Tent available wood chips, metal or plastic sheet made of.

7. barracks: there are two kinds of wood and plastic, only the amount of non-use of metal products, easy to hurt the nail.

8. Business bags, camp bags, and camp bags.

According to the shape of the tent (mainly based on the structure of the camp column) will be used to distinguish between the tent for the house, vertebral and villa-type three systems.

1. Tent of the house system: its characteristics are standing at both ends of the camp column, the four corners of the auxiliary rope, and the roof of the roof.

A. Baptist: made of a square or rectangular waterproof cloth with a few harnesses or pigeon head (metal round hole) made of light, easy to bring, with a variety of terrain, features and erection, but also as To use the cloth or the sky.

B. Wing account: before and after the two vertical camps, left and right sides of the slope for the top of the account, as if the two wings of the birds hanging, there is no wall,Truck Tent one to two is appropriate, First fixed four corners, and then hold up and forth before and after the camp column can be, if necessary, on both sides of the center plus the side of the rope.

C. Probing account: this account is higher than the wing account and the line only half the length of the cloth, so you can increase the space inside the tent, but also reduce the weight, no side rope, without camp (as long as two Long sticks and a short stick or hanging the top of the tent on the flat out of the branches).  

2. Vertebral system of the tent: or pyramid tents,Truck Tent its strong wind, light, but the roof is low, living inconvenience, only 2-3 people can be divided into four corners and polygonal vertebrae.

3. Villa system tents: for the current Europe and the United States, Japan's most popular family leisure account, comfortable, beautiful, strong, but expensive, must have from the vehicle, the wider camp.

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