Truck Tent Grinding And Warmth

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Truck Tent are usually divided into two categories.

The rugged cloth, also known as the canopy cloth, the fabric is firm and durable, has good waterproof performance, used for car transport and open storage cover and field tents.

Shirt Fabrics for the production, labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulin, fire, radiation shielding tarpaulin, paper machine with the tarpaulin.

1, Truck Tent:

Yarn is simple, that is, the degree of yarn thickness, China is currently common or "British" that: one pound (454 grams) weight of cotton yarn (or other ingredients yarn), the length of

840 yards (0.9144 yards / m), the fineness of a yarn. If a pound yarn, its length is 10 × 840 yards, the fineness is 10, the yarn branch of the representation of the British-style symbol is the English letter "S" single yarn that is:

32 single yarn ------- said: 32S shares of the line is: 32 shares (two and twist) both: 32S / 2,42 3 and twist both: 42S / 3.

2, truck tarpaulin density:

The unit of calculation of the density of the fabric of the tarpaulin is in the form of a metric, which means the number of warp and weft yarns within 10 cm. Density, direct impact on the appearance of the fabric, feel, thickness, strength, bending resistance, permeability,Truck Tent wear resistance and thermal performance and other physical and mechanical indicators, and he also concerns the cost of the product and the size of the production efficiency.

Several methods of maintenance of truck tarpaulin

1, clean the truck tarpaulin after the ventilated cool place natural dry, do not put sun exposure or put the local high temperature baking, to prevent the withdrawal or degumming, to speed up aging.

2, non-professional labor shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances do not contact, to avoid corrosion by degumming deformation.

3, cleaning the truck tarpaulin should be gentle and even force. Not forced to brush, to avoid short-term, or brush out the body of the pictures and decorative parts.

4, to avoid sharp and sharp contact with the items to prevent scratching.

5, for the white truck tarpaulin, do not and carbon ink and other items difficult to clean contact. This color of the truck is cleaned after cleansing, coated with toothpaste,Truck Tent or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, and then dry, can prevent color change. Perhaps looking for two white clean paper covered in the above, after drying to tear up. Also anti-discoloration.

6, there are broken, dropped, or loose parts of the decoration and other minor problems should be promptly repaired. To extend its service life.

7, another truck tarpaulin should be timely cleaning,Truck Tent to prevent moldy smelly. Do not wash with a washing machine. Some people think that the truck tarpaulin fold, the price is low, too lazy hand wash. I do not know the decorative pieces are not the same, with a washing machine is very simple to drop fade.

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