Truck Tent Good Abrasion Resistance, Durable Strength And Strong Permeability

- Oct 26, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people are more and more enthusiastic with eco-tourism, there are a lot of donkey friends to explore the mountain, together to reflect the outdoor life, in this of course, the Truck Tent, how we maintain, only the maintenance of the use of life will become longer. Let's take a look at how to maintain Truck Tent.

First of all, we use after the cleaning to be put in a cool ventilated place natural dry, can not be placed under the sun, so it will be easy to retreat gum and degumming. Second, the Truck Tent can not be free and acid-base, salt and other things contact, this will be corroded deformation. Finally for those colorful canvas, not with carbon ink and other difficult to clean items contact, very easy to change color.

Truck Truck Tent are various, each with their own characteristics. So they can be built differently. So today I'm going to talk about how to build a common Truck Tent! I hope we can help out in the wild camping.

First you have to choose a good camp, then tile the Truck Tent on the floor, and then straighten the folded bill, connect, the long fiber into the Truck Tent of the pipe, put the bill on the stick, and then hold the pole, holding the bottom corner of the Truck Tent, and then maman the arch, in the Truck Tent of the pole inserted in the needle ring. Then the internal account is ready, the account will be posted, to open the external account to cover the internal account. The direction of internal and external accounts to be consisTruck Tent, when you want to be optimistic. Then you can nail the four corners of the outer bill to the ground. Let the external account tighten. You can't have a place with your internal account, so the bill won't get wet. Which ropes should be fixed on the external account so that the wind blows.

(1) Nylon (NYLON): Strong tension, bright color smooth, not easy to fade, and soft texture, and has a good strength, not easy to mold, will not worm-eaten, hygroscopic small, frozen not hardened, is the most widely used materials.

(2) Canvas: Waterproof strong, heat insulation effect is good, the sun is set when not hot, but the texture is hard and bulky, easy to damp water absorption, easy to mold and fade, economic efficiency has been less than nylon.

(3) TC Cloth: The so-called TC cloth is t (commonly known as Teflon Tetoron) and C (commonly known as cotton) blended fabrics, the department in the warp part weaves to the special many dragons, the weft part weaves to the cotton yarn and synthesizes the TC cloth, therefore has both the characteristic, the wear-resisting, the durable strength is good, the breathable quality is strong, is used in the large-scale family account.

(4) Silk: nylon and rayon blended fabrics, therefore, after the synthesis has nylon and rayon characteristics, fabric smooth, breathable good, but durability and strength is not as good as pure nylon, more for the continental cold climate, such as in the cold weather close to the camp door must also be able to emit the water vapor in the account, It is not too stuffy or too humid, so you must reuse the cloth.

(5) Coretex: Is the latest technology in the United States products, it can breathable, but also waterproof, light weight, wear-resistant, durable, but the price is quite expensive, the current domestic introduction of Coretex raincoat, rain pants, price economy

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