Trailer Top Tent With A Bend, Not Easy To Break

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Seven ways to keep Trailer Top Tent

For the use of the Trailer Top Tent we are very familiar with, but sometimes it is for its care and trouble, the following by Xiaobian to talk about the Trailer Top Tent of the seven law care it!

First, after the release of ventilated ventilated place to dry naturally, do not put sun exposure or hot place baking, Trailer Top Tent to accelerate aging, reducing its use.

Second, non-professional labor shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances do not contact, so as not to be corrosion and degumming deformation.

Third, the cleaning should be gentle and uniform. Do not force the brush, so as not to break, or brush off the Trailer Top Tent of their own patterns and decorative parts.

Fourth, avoid sharp and sharp contact with the items to prevent scratching.

Fifth, for white canvas, do not contact with carbon ink and other items difficult to clean. This color canvas is clean and can be coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, and then dry, can prevent discoloration. The most convenient is to find two white clean towel paper covered in the above, dry after tearing, can prevent discoloration (otherwise the white cloth will be yellow), this method has a variety of scientific basis.

Sixth, there are broken, dropped, or loose parts such as loose parts should be timely repair. To extend its use.

Seventh, the tent should be cleaned regularly to prevent moldy smelly, but do not wash with a washing machine.

Tent the most commonly used tips

In the tent when the necessary accessories, but for the use of accessories we may not be very understanding, then talk about their use it!

First, everyone in the use of the nail when Xiaobian often see most people are vertical to play down, this method is not wrong, the better way is from the outside to 45 degrees and 60 degrees angle To play in order to make the tent in the force to withstand the greatest force.

Second, in some people in the use of the wind when the rope is tied to the wind tied tightly, but this method is very wrong, for the time being is not to be able to nail to the best position after the pull Tight wind rope, even if this can be pulled to the most tight, but the Trailer Top Tent in the use of the shaking in a lot of time will let the wind rope becomes loose, so the wind rope will gradually lose its role, so the wind rope tied Did not play a role.

Third, the tent bracket is the main bones of the tent, the use of the main bones is also very important, its material is generally aluminum, aluminum bracket with a soft texture, with a bend, not easy to break, light weight, so when used Very light.

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