Trailer Top Tent How To Extend The Life Of The Use

- Jul 05, 2017 -

What do we need to pay atTrailer Top Tention to when we use the Trailer Top Tent?

Try to choose a flat camp, the scheduled camp on the protrusions as much as possible to clear. This can avoid sleep when the back of the uncomfortable, but also to avoid the Trailer Top Tent was punctured.

Prepare an extra cloth, lay the cloth under the Trailer Top Tent, inside the Trailer Top Tent or outside, but on the outside can keep the Trailer Top Tent clean, you can also avoid the stones or branches on the ground to destroy the Trailer Top Tent to cloth.

When entering the Trailer Top Tent, do not put the shoes into the Trailer Top Tent.

Sunshine ultraviolet light will damage the fabric of the fabric strength, if the camp is not redundant shade can cover the Trailer Top Tent, it is recommended that you put the rain cloth to cover the sun, to avoid direct sunlight to the Trailer Top Tents.

When you build a Trailer Top Tent, it is best to fix the Trailer Top Tent with a nail on the ground, although the Trailer Top Tent now do not need to nail can be built independently, but the power of nature is limitless, do not think that someone inside the Trailer Top Tent With the backpack escorted on the right, according to the author's experience, when the nature of the show when the Trailer Top Tents together with the people inside the same blow to run!

To determine your Trailer Top Tent ventilation is good! Because we sleep at night, the body's sweat and breath will increase the humidity inside the Trailer Top Tent Trailer Top Tent four people sleep in a Trailer Top Tent, a night time can Accumulate up to 1 liter of water, if the Trailer Top Tent is not well ventilated, it must be up in the morning four people sleeping Trailer Top Tent sleeping mats are wet.

Before you receive the Trailer Top Tent, make sure that there are no things or debris left in the Trailer Top Tent.

Combination camp column, as far as possible a section of a combination, do not use the way off combination. Remove the camp column, starting from the middle of the demolition, and then split the two ends, so you can keep the flexibility of elastic rope.

Trailer Top Tent manufacturers share with you how to extend the life of the Trailer Top Tent

1. Tank cleaning can not be directly after the wet Trailer Top Tents stored, should ensure that the Trailer Top Tent clean, dry, and put the Trailer Top Tent in the shade, to avoid direct sun exposure.

2. Do not put on the Trailer Top Tent when the excessive pressure on the Trailer Top Tent, otherwise it will lead to permanent deformation of the Trailer Top Tent pole, can not support the tarpaulin.

3. Remove the Trailer Top Tent, from the center began to both sides, the average distribution of elastic rope tension.

4. Floor seats will keep your Trailer Top Tent bottom clean, dry, from excessive wear and tear. In addition to not let the water and dust pollution attack the bottom of the Trailer Top Tent, the use of floor can also be in the process of collecting Trailer Top Tents to keep the Trailer Top Tent clean.

5. When the zipper slows down, let the zipper run smoothly. Keep the zippers clean and remove the fine gravel. Fine sand will wear metal zipper head, and finally lead to the zipper head can not be tied to the zipper teeth bite together.

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