Trailer Top Tent Arbitrariness Is Very High, The Use Of More Convenient

- Sep 26, 2017 -

European-style Trailer Top Tents use high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as structural support, tarpaulin with the most advanced imported white shade double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, with wind, UV, waterproof, fire excellent performance, wind speed up to 80-100 km / Hour (wind load 0.3-0.5 kN / sq m). Can increase the other supporting facilities, such as canopy ceilings, glass walls, glass doors, air conditioning, carpet and stage lighting and other facilities, so that the application of the Trailer Top Tents more widely.

There is no pillar in the Trailer Top Tent, so that the use of space greatly improved. Another Trailer Top Tent easy to disassemble, transport more convenient, highly arbitrary combination, the use of more convenient. Whether it is in the cement or grass, or marble at the end of the sand can be built, from the venue restrictions, so that your outdoor activities easier and more trouble.

 Outdoor shade Trailer Top Tents, there can be racked up, there can be installed on the wall above, but many people buy is shade, and now the bracket Trailer Top Tent, which is more popular outdoor Trailer Top Tents a class. Look at the details of the outdoor shade installation:

1, the aluminum alloy Trailer Top Tent bracket and top cloth from the carton out;

2, open the aluminum Trailer Top Tent Trailer Top Tent 50%;

3, aluminum Trailer Top Tent Trailer Top Tent on the top of the canopy, the outdoor Trailer Top Tent tarp four feet at the four feet of the canopy, close to the Velcro;

4, then pull the shelf 95%;

5, each aluminum Trailer Top Tent Trailer Top Tent feet have four spring buckle, buckle in the upper and lower activities of the square tube eyes, if very heavy, the use of shoulder force (because it is a new cloth), the same operation of the four horns;

6, the chassis of the four inner tube pulled out to reach a certain height will automatically buckle, so that an outdoor Trailer Top Tent on the installation is completed.

Construction of telescopic Trailer Top Tents, manufacturers recommend the encryption of polyester cloth tarpaulin, mainly used in outdoor shade, it has a free and flexible, strong wind resistance, shade area, anti-corrosion and other characteristics. Telescopic Trailer Top Tents fabric with a new shade fabric, rain, anti-mildew, to resist heat and ultraviolet, the system part of the service life of more than 7 years, suitable for home terraces, shops, hotels, sports venues outside the shade use. There are three types of products, more than 30 kinds of fabrics to choose from, the fabric above can be printed according to the needs of LOGO or advertising language. Customized according to the environment size.

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