Teach You To Elect A Good Tent

- Apr 11, 2017 -

What is the best outdoor tent? During the three-year period, we tested the top two-person tent in the field, and tested the trail and camping routes from Maine to Alaska. Through the feedback of the teenage testers, we have a one-to-one comparison of various types of tents, the shelter ability, residence, flexibility, weight, packaging size, easy to build a score, on this basis, we selected the best multi-purpose tent, the best lightweight tent, the best double-door tent and the most valuable tent.

Whether you're a new donkey or a weathered old donkey, an outdoor equipment lab's newest tent evaluation report will definitely help you pick the tent that suits you best. The following report ("Outdoor Tent Test Report") contains the tent models suitable for backpacks and self-driving. We have a comparison of high performance Ultra Light (UL,UltraLight) tents in the Ultra Light (UL,UltraLight) tent test report. The Four Seasons (four season) tent test report describes tents suitable for Antarctica, and the Camp Tent test report describes a mansion-type tent suitable for family camping.

Pick a suitable tent

A high-quality tent may be the most important single part of building a suit for more than one day outdoor life. The 26 tent covered in this report is the two-person outdoor tent with tent poles. Our Ultra Light (UL,UltraLight) tent test report covers the best performance required for ultra Light (UL,UltraLight) outdoor requirements for the 9 top-tier tents supported by climbing sticks. We divide tents into ordinary outdoor tents and ultra light outdoor tents so that readers can compare different types of tents, and ultra light outdoor tents need you to accept different, possibly better outdoor activities. We encourage you to consider common outdoor tents and ultra light outdoor tents, and advise you to refer to our "How to choose outdoor Tents", in this article we describe the pros and cons of ordinary tents and ultra light tents.

Traditional tents, like these tents contained in this report, have a tent pole to support the tent, usually more comfortable than the ultra light tent supported by the climber. The tent models included in this report are ideally suited for a long journey of manpower, such as long-distance cycling, reloading, camping, kayaking rafting, and so on, as well as for self-driving camping. From this point of view, these tents are very practical: a tent can satisfy you all the spring and summer autumn three seasons outdoor activities need.

Type of outdoor Tent:

Most of the two tents in the present report have a similar model of three people and four. In the case of a double tent, the difference in design is usually manifested in the number of doors and the position of opening doors:

Double-door Tent: We found that two-door tents provide the best comfort, the largest foyer, and the heaviest style, they are suitable for self-driving camping and outdoor corrupt routes;

-Side door tent: Usually the cheapest and most uncomfortable tent;

-a single front side door tent: The best balance in reducing weight and securing comfort.

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