SUV Tent Thick Double - Layer Fabric, Quality Assurance

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Installed in the SUV rear SUV Tents, the installation is very simple, just two rope tied to the metal parts at the bottom of the car will open the trunk cover as a SUV Tent top, SUV Tent bottom with four nails fixed, a SUV Tent Just set up. It has two models, one is a full gauze, as stay in a SUV Tent, a high door can be opened at any time, not only breathable, and vision is very good. Another model is fully enclosed, the blue out of the account completely pulled with a zipper, not only can escape the rain attack, but also gives a good privacy space. Car and SUV Tents connected to greatly expand the living and activities of space, and can solve the problem of family travel by car. Practical, you can see the designer careful thought, is the ideal partner by car.

Now the SUV Tent has a high-end section - roof SUV Tents! It attracts the eyes of the masses, the unique shape, superior visual experience, will make you feel very face! While enjoying the envy of others, you can also experience the convenience and comfort of the roof SUV Tents. it! waterproof! Windproof! Anti mosquito! Anti-fire! Anti-underground water! Anti-beast attack! Thick double - layer fabric, quality assurance. For the comfort of outdoor life to provide a healthy, safe protection.

The main structure of the SUV Tents is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the construction principle is aluminum box-shaped beam frame, the pillars are connected with steel parts, the roof is reinforced with steel cable and the roof and the wall are Enclosure. Material selection of aluminum alloy profiles GB / T-6063 standard, by the National Nonferrous Metals Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test, material qualified. SUV Tent construction is solid, the materials and structures used have high integrity and safety. The building structure meets the strict European standards. The overall structure has been tested by professional bodies for wind testing and destruction.

SUV Tents: usually lighter, generally used in spring, summer, autumn 3 season more moderate climate. 3 season accounts can usually perform well in wind and rain, but the design features also determine that they are generally difficult to cope with excessive snowfall. If a three-year account can barely support it above the 2-inch thick snow, then when the snow reaches 20 inches thick, you must have been in trouble. Three quarter accounts there is a feature, it has a certain ventilation design, to meet the different needs, generally designed into double SUV Tents, divided into internal and external accounts, the account has a full card of the net, , Both inside and outside the account can also be used alone, so to meet the different needs of the spring and summer season.

Although the external tarpaulin rain indicator is high, but the breath is a problem. Even if there is no rainy night, after a day or in the foreign account will be covered with water droplets particles, especially in the grass and other places on the ground to build SUV Tents. Accumulated more will drop into the account. Relatively speaking, low rainfall indicators of foreign accounts, the area of water than the rain is much less.

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