SUV Tent Improve The Quality And Comfort Of Camping

- Jul 14, 2017 -

A lot of friends in the activities of the activities will not be properly set up SUV Tents, just want to hold up the SUV Tent to find a dry and spacious place to put it. Of course, the weather is fine, it is also a good time does not matter, but if a little wind and rain, then you have to build some good. Otherwise, when the middle of the night when the storm, you get up on the wind and rain up to clean up it. Or stay in the SUV Tent by the cold boil, remember last year in the golden beach camp that night, that night the wind and rain, huh, huh. The The As if the middle of the night to get up and pick up, pick up the SUV Tent.

First said that the rain: we all know that the monolayer SUV Tent a little worse rain, this is no way. In the outdoor camping generally do not choose a single layer of SUV Tents, unless the weather is very good, do not prepare camping, that is, as a rest can be used, will choose a single layer. Most of them will buy double SUV Tents, because the double SUV Tents of the rain capacity is still relatively strong.

But this is also the need for other components in order to make the SUV Tent has a good ability to rain.

First of all, must be hit to nail, some people may say, the nail is not used to wind it? In fact, the role of the nail is not only to improve the ability of the SUV Tent wind. Because if you do not nail all nail, foreign account will not be taut, foreign account and the account will be affixed together, when the raindrops impact when the foreign account, the foreign account of the child surface is wet, The account is also wet, then it is bound to cause the water will follow the internal account slowly pool to your account bottom. But if the nail to the nail, then the account and the account will not separate this account. And there will be an air layer between the account and the account, which is to improve the insulation capacity of the SUV Tent, in the cold or stormy night to keep the temperature inside the SUV Tent is very important.

Another is the protection of the bottom of the account. Because the above also said, in the stormy night, the rain will follow the end of the account pool to the end of the account, the method is to buy two plastic film, one in the above, put a moisture-proof pad below, rain and flooded, this Is more than two months after my practice proved, the effect is very good, to share with you, even if the SUV Tent can raise goldfish, but the film above or dry! I have been training many times when I was experimenting.

SUV Tent accessories are in addition to some of our equipment outside the SUV Tent itself, usually there will be nailing, embracing rope, moisture pad, SUV Tents, etc., equipped with these accessories can make your camp get a better experience, improve the quality of camping and Comfort, then how should we choose for these accessories?

Take the nails, we see the nail is usually cylindrical corners of the steel, the length is usually between 15-20cm, this nail is generally applicable to the soil and grass, easy to dismantle the price is also the cheapest , But this kind of nail in the case of external drag will rotate, the relative stability of the general, so if the outdoor wind and other relatively bad weather, do not recommend the use of cylindrical studs, but should adopt a more solid 90 degrees Corner metal nails. These are a kind of SUV Tent accessories, in fact, among these accessories, there are still a lot, when we go out when you can use.

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