SUV Tent Have Waterproof And Strong Wear-resisting

- Oct 26, 2017 -

SUV Tent are important equipment for camping, but not the only outfit. Its role in camping is limited, generally speaking, SUV Tent do not promise to keep warm, camping warm is the task of sleeping bags, the main function of the tent is wind, rain, dust, dew, moisture, for campers to provide a relatively comfortable rest environment. According to the above objectives, the selection of SUV Tent should focus on the following factors:

1. Easy to use and carry. Carry, if is the backpack family, or that traditional tent is more convenient, disassembly can be placed directly into the backpack, self-driving a family can choose to open the tent quickly, after the gathering is a round cake-shaped shape, suitable for placing in the trunk.

2, External Account waterproof, internal account ventilation, high-quality SUV Tent must be two points. The most common tent coating is PU coating, PU is polyurethane polymer organic, PU coating is a stable low-temperature resistant coating, commonly used in a variety of fabrics. The thickness of PU coating and coating technology determine the waterproof property of the fabric, and the thickness of the coating is expressed in mm, indicating the static water column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.

Many domestic tent fabric factory technical equipment is poor, PU coating technology is not stable, PU1000 coating cloth actual rain-proof performance is quite PU500, and very uneven, rain-proof performance can not be guaranteed. So choose the tent, the proposal to choose high-quality manufacturers, many well-known brands do not represent high-quality, but some of the SUV Tent for export, due to the stringent quality requirements of foreign businessmen, such products are the ideal choice for the donkey friends.

The tent should be waterproof and wearable. The bottom of the book requires waterproof and strong wear-resisting function, commonly used in the accounting materials for PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE bottom used in the middle and low SUV Tent, waterproof polyester cloth used in high-grade SUV Tent. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to low-grade snake skins, the actual tent is used with double-sided waterproof membrane PE material, including a large number of export SUV Tent are used in this material. Bottom contact with the ground, vulnerable to rubble, grass roots and other debris scratches, so before camping outdoors, to clean the ground, or use the tent cloth, bedding on the surface as a protective layer. The tent cloth generally uses the wear-resistant Oxford cloth of 420D.

Choosing a front or rear double door or window tent is more helpful for ventilation. At this point, the new fast-opening tent design is better, ventilation is better.

Design to be reasonable, need to have enough yedoensis and windproof rope. The use of the tent is also affected by the accessory accessories such as packing bag, book nail and Bill rope. The packing bag must choose the sturdy and durable, the quantity of the nails should be ensured enough, the strength of the aluminum nails is large, and the line is used to fix the tent.

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