SUV Tent Friends Of The Wild Love

- May 18, 2017 -

If you are a player who advocates the Off-Road movement, when driving through the inaccessible rainforest, desert, mountain, do you think about what makes your sport utility vehicle face tough and rough, But the danger can be saved at home? Which first thanks to your own courage and driving practice, but the light of courage and practice is not enough, you have to rely on the appropriate off-road equipment.

SUV Tent Speaking of off-road equipment, preference for cross-country movement of foreign riders are often more experience.

For the often off-road car, the value of a high-quality winch is self-evident, and the company as early as 1959 began to create some very good winch. For decades, this because of its high efficiency and ease of use, in the off-road circle is already the mainstay of the existence.

SUV Tent According to official advice, you'd better choose a pull value in your car about 1.5 times the weight of the winch, so M800 this will be more suitable for a small number of off-road vehicles, such as Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Chichun this category. If you are driving now a bigger and stronger guy, then you need to consider the choice of a larger pull the winch.

This brand you may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to the parent company you must be familiar, that is Michelin. All terrain tires are the most original all-terrain tires, and since the end of 70 listed on the market by consumers sought after.

This tire is the second generation of products in the series, the biggest evolution is to enhance the durability of the tire, enhance the tire sidewall strength and improve the bottom pattern. The strength of the sidewall portion is increased by 20%, while thicker and outwardly extending shoulders are selected to reduce the deformation of the sidewall when the pressure is received.

A bumper can not only visually make your car look more sturdy, but also make your car's scalability greatly enhanced, such as additional lights and winch buckle. Of course, the most important thing is that a high-quality bumper can let you avoid the collision to wild animals or trees and the like obstacles caused by the damage. And this bumper for a variety of popular off-road vehicles, can be highly scalable.

If you want to drive off the road at night, then you certainly need enough visibility. The company is a veteran manufacturer of off-road lights, their LED products have been known for energy-saving - they only need a little bit of electricity can provide you with enough visibility, so as to avoid the obstacles will be encountered.

In the field tent is essential, but from the security point of view, the roof tent will be a great choice. The first it saves a lot of car space; the second it allows you to stay away from the ground a lot of pests and parasites threat. And this tents have been in the Dakar Rally to prove their own quality, can withstand the maximum speed of nearly 120km / h, but also has a waterproof function.

Not only that, its internal lighting and vents are powered by a solar cell, the vent can be freely controlled into the wind. Of course, during the day when it can also act as a space is not a small storage rack, very practical.

There is no cell phone signal in the wild is a common thing, so the radio equipment is essential, HAM radio is a very good communication tool. HAM can transmit signals to tens of miles away to prevent you from contacting the local official organization or the rescue team. This brand has been loved by the wild enthusiasts, coupled with a good antenna, you will not get lost.

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