SUV Tent Effective Guarantee Of Sleep Quality

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Some people say: "There must be at least two impulses in life, once for the love of love, once left to travel.

Recently,SUV Tent the big coffee here to a temporary internship, but also in this sentence of the highly toxic, shouting every day want to come and talk about travel, talk about a "devotion" love ... big coffee I said to the TA: Sao years,SUV Tent the world more and more bastard, how is your TM so simple?

And so let the big coffee I think, some people think that they bought a SUV, on the broad day to day air, that nature is "twenty sheep" sister paper, but I do not know there is "sitting Soiled "horrible ruthless side! So do not do the full range of measures,SUV Tent do not say go away to a wave of waves (cross-country travel by car) ~

Such as marry a big chest,SUV Tent long legs, thin waist, buttocks Alice's sister paper, or to a "and sister to enjoy the gentle trembling," the cross-country travel by car, then today I came to personally grant "off-road travel" In the end need to prepare what items of knowledge!

Zijia You must have a car, no car, you told me that fart crossed by car ah! But not the general car are wide, it is best to have a hardened xia body luggage rack,SUV Tent bright people before and after the xenon headlamps, sensitive as "gorgeous" tire tire pressure alarm, with GPS satellites Positioning navigation, rear view reversing radar, and the car to be equipped with a platform, a hand station to facilitate the team to contact;

Before the start must be done thoroughly check, such as conventional oil, coolant, help oil, glass water, focus on checking the tire, tire tire pressure and tire wear is not normal, there is no tie nails on the tire; spare tire, jack, Air pump, trailer rope or something, these are essential items of Zijia You.

Tent is a basic equipment,SUV Tent if you are looking forward to live five-star hotel, to big mouth to eat, big mouth drinking, big coffee can tell you directly not suitable for off-road, driving is to stimulate, play is to experience your life in the city never had.

Buy tents in addition to consider the practicality and convenience of storage, of course, cold and moisture is also a key, especially autumn and winter or early spring and other season, warmth is essential, even Sao You you upright. But if there is no tent, then there is no haven in the harbor, frozen dog minutes and minutes of drops!

Sleeping bags are low temperature alpine and other outdoor adventure activities,SUV Tent the effective guarantee of sleep quality. Our high quality sleep is particularly important in these areas, why do you say that high quality sleep quality? Because we guarantee high quality sleep and fight against the cold is successfully through the no man's land,SUV Tent high altitude areas such as cross-country driving the basic requirements, do not believe that you in these areas a cold to see the big coffee, you can hold, Wall, only serve you!

So in order to protect the night to carry,SUV Tent to choose to buy at least can carry over -20-15 ° C down sleeping bag. Of course, if you have a dry sister paper to provide "human heating", you can consider without ... Finally, if the figure so special habit of "stockings sleeping bag" you like it, that big coffee I can only watch you Cold dog!

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