SUV Tent Can Quickly And Easily Put Up The Tent

- Jul 05, 2017 -

The SUV SUV Tent is a shed on the ground that covers wind and rain, daylight and for temporary residence. Made with canvas, together with the support of things, can be removed at any time transfer. SUV Tents are carried in the form of parts and are assembled after they arrive at the site. Therefore, various components and tools are required. Understand the name of each component and use, familiar with the structure of the SUV Tent, in order to quickly and easily put up the SUV Tent.

Travel SUV Tents should belong to the collective equipment, by the frequent participation, often have the actual use of the need to have. New people can participate in some activities, have some experience and then according to their own needs to buy. Buy the SUV Tent mainly according to the use, consider its design, materials, wind resistance, and then consider the capacity (to sleep a few people), weight and so on.

Ordinary camping SUV Tents more use of Mongolian package, 2-3 carbon fiber pile, to provide better rain performance and a certain wind performance, breathability is also better. Four seasons or high mountain account for the tunnel, more than three aluminum alloy pole, a large number of nails, wind rope and other auxiliary design, selection of more durable. But many high mountain accounts are not rain, and usually very heavy, not suitable for outdoor wear through the weekend (except winter extreme environment). The surrounding areas of Beijing, summer, summer and autumn climatic conditions are not too complex, the main features of the winter is cold and wind Buy SUV Tents mainly consider durable, wind and rain performance. Winter mainly use high mountain account, the current market, many brands, quite cohabitation, marking performance is very good, but also mostly fake. Fake does not always mean that the quality is low, and sometimes you can still pick the value of the product, which requires vision, patience and luck.

How to buy SUV Tents?

1, choose SUV Tents ordinary, or ultra-light SUV Tents, watching SUV Tents in your back time, and your time in the SUV Tent which long to decide;

2, ordinary SUV Tents, a two-door SUV Tents more comfortable, and then consider the weight, space, durability, price, and so on, you can make a choice; coated silicon fabric is a better choice;

3, ultra-light SUV Tents, usually a curtain + a camping bag (single), or a curtain + a pest control account, and flexible, and better protection. Canopy, winter or high requirements for the protection of the pyramid, three quarters with the use of tower tower.

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