Roof Top Tent The Higher The Performance, The Heavier The Weight Will Be

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The Development and Expression of Roof Roof Top Tent Family

Since the birth of the Roof Top Tent, has been walking in the long river of history, with the development of the times so far, Roof Top Tents have also been earth-shaking changes, Roof Top Roof Top Tents are no longer just for the military services, it has developed so far, is also divided into many models, such as Relief Roof Top Roof Top Tents, construction Roof Top Tents, wild Roof Top Tents and so on.

Roof Top Tent this product, from ancient times there, whether in the previous march to fight, or today's leisure, the Roof Top Tents have never been forgotten, today Xiaobian recommended for everyone this Roof Top Tent, is closely follow the development of the times , Waterproof Roof Top Tents made with advanced technology.

Two seasons, three quarters, four seasons, is the manufacturer according to the Roof Top Tents bear bad weather, wind and snow performance on the Roof Top Tent to make the classification, the higher the performance the weight will be heavier. Two-season Roof Top Roof Top Tents for spring and summer, the lightest weight, the ability to resist wind and rain is also weak, suitable for sunny weather when the camping needs. Of course, you can match a tarpaulin to prepare for a rainy day. Three-season Roof Top Tents are the most popular, because it is in the weight and water resistance between the appropriate balance for most areas of spring, summer and autumn. Its waterproof performance can cope with medium-intensity rain, or short-term high-intensity precipitation. Four seasons Roof Top Tents can cope with the climate throughout the year because of the use of durable materials, it is one of the most expensive and heaviest Roof Top Roof Top Tents. Usually dome or narrow tunnel-shaped, to prevent the accumulation of snow on the Roof Top Tent. Although it is able to use the four seasons, but it is not suitable for use in hot weather, because the design tends to heat, in the summer will be very hot. In addition to the fever class players, the general enthusiasts will not be in the cold or heavy rain storm storm out of camping, do so is not safe, so in the purchase of Roof Top Roof Top Tents when the practical is king, and do not pursue the ultimate performance.

What shape the Roof Top Tent is best for your camping style, which is an important question to consider, the shape of the  Roof Top Tent depends mainly on its seasonal and purpose of use, different shapes will affect the weight and price of the Roof Top Roof Top Tent.

Dome is the most popular shape, it is easy to build, the weight is relatively light, in bad weather performance is good. If the height of the space requirements, hoping to stand in the Roof Top Tent, then the hut-shaped Roof Top Tent is the best choice, small Roof Top Tents for many people such as family camping, its four walls vertical / close to the vertical, people in which activities do not affect other people. Of course it will weigh heavier.

Roof-shaped Roof Top Roof Top Tents are also typical Roof Top Roof Top Tents, which can be either super-light single-climbing accounts or large-sized Roof Top Tents, but they can not stand upright because of its shape limitations.

Quick-open Roof Top Tents, the weekend in the city green can see a lot of Decathlon open Roof Top Tents, as its name this type of open and Shoulong are very fast - "two seconds to open", in a very long period of time, Roof Top Tents can only adapt to summer camping, because it is less tolerant of wind and rain, but in recent years the manufacturers have made a lot of improvement, we can see the three quarterly billing, of course, the price will be higher. In addition, the speed of the billing volume and weight are larger, not suitable for walking routes.

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