Roof Top Tent Sun-based Function

- Jun 26, 2017 -

The first thing to consider is that he is going to camp, or just want to take a break in the Roof Top Tent

(1) just want to rest in the Roof Top Tent, then you can choose the cheapest on the market of these types, in the summer can be a single layer to meet your requirements, try to choose a relatively large space, size, height is relatively high, The reason we all know it, but also look at your budget, if you are just a simple use, Oh, or just want to experience the feeling of stay in the Roof Top Tent inside, that ordinary little Roof Top Tent is enough Oh.

Ordinary small Roof Top Tents, the market is generally used 180 materials to do the Roof Top Tents, no pressure plastic, are generally painted silver, Taobao many sellers of the Roof Top Tent's waterproof coefficient to the subject is very high, the actual simply can not reach Because the 180 material silver, this function is the sun-based

Selling Roof Top Tents little knowledge: the end of the Roof Top Tent is done in the fabric, after a good material on the ground several times later, may be due to a small stone, and what the small branches of the scrapped Oh, so when used as much as possible to pad a mat , Cushions outside the Roof Top Tent, protect the bottom of the Roof Top Tent

(2) camping, then how much time you are ready to use, is about 8 hours. Or intend to come to a camping base, live for some time

8 hours or so, are generally the weekend travel crowd, refers to the weekend to go out to play, these people are generally determined according to the weather is not travel, so these people can choose ordinary casual Roof Top Tents, equivalent to the Roof Top Tents in the Roof Top Tent with the Roof Top Tent All right.

Often go out to play the weekend crowd, it is necessary to choose a better rain Roof Top Tents

There is nothing worse than sleeping in a wet Roof Top Tents, so waterproofness is one of the important indicators of the selection of Roof Top Tents for campers

Rain performance is currently the lowest grade is the 190 of the fabric, but in the market this can be considered relatively mid-range Roof Top Tents, and relatively 180 materials of ordinary Roof Top Tents, this is a lot better, 190 double-Roof Top Tented fabric In the ordinary outdoor shops, need 500-3000 or so, according to different poles, work, different manufacturers have different prices, Taobao is generally about 150-2000 yuan.

190 fabric can only prevent small to light rain, but also because of the terrain, build the problem to change the degree of waterproof, and sometimes, when the rain continued to be endless when the last time, even the best expensive Roof Top Tent It may be damp, because you will be brought in and out of the Roof Top Tent some of the water, and the bad weather makes these water vapor and breathing in the water can not be discharged from the Roof Top Tent

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