Roof Top Tent Outdoor Travel Fashion New Darling

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Roof Top Roof Top Tent and sleeping bags are the essential outdoor equipment for camping and travel outdoors in many outdoor supplies. Different kinds of Roof Top Tent usage, how to make the ordinary Roof Top Tent?

Select the camp, the Roof Top Tent of the Roof Top Tent tiled on the ground, the folding of the bill out, a stretch straight, and then into a long rod, according to the statement on the book into the Roof Top Tent on the top of the cover, the common Roof Top Tent is to cross the law.

Two sticks are all dressed. Put one end of each pole into the hole in the corner of the Roof Top Tent, and then two of them hold the two heads of the movement, the pole to the top, let the Roof Top Tent arch up, until you can put this side of the head also into the hole, inserted, the shape of the Roof Top Tent becomes, the intersection of the bill with a rope, and then choose the direction of the door, You can fix the Roof Top Tent to the ground. Use the ground nails, hook the Four corners of the ring into the earth, to let the bottom stretch, the whole Roof Top Tent bulging.

Now start to hang out the account, open the account, cover the account, pay atRoof Top Tention to the internal account, the external account of the door to a direction. Four horns hang in the four corners of the internal account, or some of the four corners of the outer account are nailed to the four corners of the inner Roof Top Tent, see if there is a hanging ring can be nailed to the external accounts, to let the external account also bulging, and the internal account is not affixed to the place, so that the rain, the internal account will not be wet, and because of the breathing, in the morning, the external accounts of a layer of dew or frost, It's not going to get wet in the ledger. Of course, the weather is good, not hanging the external account is very comfortable.

The external account also has some rope, is used to strengthen the Roof Top Tent, no strong wind generally can not pull, do not trust the best to pull, but also with the ground nails, a few rope evenly pull the good. Get up in the morning, if good days, it is best not to immediately accept Roof Top Tents, a little dry, if the rain, home must remember to spread out to dry, otherwise it will be moldy. Collect the Roof Top Tent first to open the account, the internal account of the nail removed after the opening of the bill, the door opened, the Roof Top Tent raised to shake, the inside of the Earth, and then put on the ground, two of the bill to pick off a head, this will be able to pave the Roof Top Tent, put the bill from the end of the stick, not pulling, the bill is inserted, a pull on the loose. Finally, fold up the bill and put it back in and out of the bag.

Now with the diversification of tourism forms, more and more travel enthusiasts began to go outdoors, began a deep experience of the way, outdoor camping in this trend formed a trend, become a new favorite fashion tourism.

Now, with Roof Top Tents to travel is becoming a fashion, "Roof Top Tent tour" market is growing, a group of outdoor clubs, Chi You, colleges and universities outdoor community, mountaineering Club also emerged.

The rise of the Roof Top Tent tour, fully reflects the participants ' yearning for the wild life, the desire for unrestrained state, and this "DIY mode" is very attractive, can achieve leisure, entertainment, fitness and many other purposes.

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