Roof Top Tent Easy To Carry And Use

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Usually in the outdoor activities, I believe that everyone for the use of the Roof Top Tent is still more in the field of rest, camping the main supplies, today I tell you about how to use the Roof Top Tents of some tips for your reference

How to carry Roof Top Tents:

In the guy we need to carry out, the Roof Top Tent may be the largest and the heaviest one. How to put it in place is absolutely important.

Each Roof Top Tent is sold with a bag, and many people are accustomed to putting the Roof Top Tent in it. It is not to say that it is a good stack of good income into a lot of trouble, good Roof Top Tents are often the best of all of our equipment, and the backpack space is limited, in addition to it also installed sleeping bags, moisture pad two big man. And more troublesome is that many Roof Top Tents of the bag is a long tube, if you are using a little backpack is likely to put into it. Put the Roof Top Tent outside the backpack Seems to be a good way to save space, it is not true. This guy is very easy to give you trouble outside, the Roof Top Tent is very heavy, hanging outside the backpack is not easy to bind outside, unless the same as the package brown child; crossed, if the need to drill on the road, then it is easy to be caught by branches , If you are not careful to scratch the branches then you are miserable. How about that? The best way is to give up the manufacturers to give you the constraints of the design - the Roof Top Tent outside the bag lost, switch to a large sleeping bag sets. When the collection is not too much trouble to stack it, and directly like a sleeping bag like it into the sleeping bag, if you want to save the volume, then add a sleeping bag outside the pressure to the volume to a smaller pressure. (Looks very barbaric ah !!) This way, received a good sleeping bag from the original long tube into a ball, put into the backpack also arranged the location. Another benefit of doing so is that the indiscriminate stuffing of each folded position is random, and if it is purely for the sake of beauty, it is only necessary to receive the original Roof Top Tent bag, then the position of each fold is Fixed, long time this part is easy to first aging. After the Roof Top Tent is resolved, the rest of the Roof Top Tent pole to say more, put it vertically in the backpack, or plug in the backpack outside are very easy.

Roof Top Tents of wind

We will go out to meet the weather problems are generally two: rain and wind. Slightly better Roof Top Tents to deal with the rain is no problem; but to deal with the wind on another matter. Many foreign high-end Roof Top Tents that is in this regard for the article, especially the high-end mountaineering Roof Top Tents in order to strengthen the wind performance and not so heavy people back or even give up the effectiveness of waterproof - of course, this is because in the mountains Will not rain only snow. Windproof performance of the best Roof Top Tents than mountain climbing with the Roof Top Tents. How much wind can it resist? For example, the famous Mountain North (also known as Mount Roof Top Tent) can withstand 85mph of wind in the wind tunnel without collapsing.

How to achieve the Roof Top Tents of the wind, first of all, its design shape is consisRoof Top Tent with aerodynamics. The general shape of the Roof Top Tent is divided into dome and channel type, the two are relatively speaking, dome-style Roof Top Tents tall, spacious, channel-type Roof Top Tent is relatively small, narrow. Although the small and narrow meaning that people live up uncomfortable but a wind blowing, it is subject to the wind area is small, and the first and last have a outward extension of the canopy design, especially in parallel with the wind when the wind is very good against the wind The Another key to keeping the Roof Top Tent windproof is the overall strength of the Roof Top Tent. The material of the strut is usually glass fiber and aluminum alloy, no doubt that the strength of the aluminum alloy rod is higher, and the more the number of struts, the higher the overall strength of the Roof Top Tent. There is the Roof Top Tent of the nails (stake) and rope, etc. to give full play to the role, can greatly enhance the trench's wind resistance.

It is painful to build a Roof Top Tent in the wind, and try to make use of the natural barrier, such as the shelter of the mountain, behind the boulder. In the snow and ice areas can also be considered, the first to dig a snow pit, and then put the Roof Top Tent in the snow pit, and then use the dug snow in the Roof Top Tent by the wind surface piled a snow wall. Set up the process to avoid the floating of the Roof Top Tent was blown away, use large stones or backpack and other heavy objects to suppress it. If it is unfortunate that a single person in the wind Roof Top Tents, it is definitely a test.

Use the section:

Do not rush when the Roof Top Tent is too harsh, it is likely to break the Roof Top Tent pole - especially when the cold weather is very brittle FRP, it is best to carry a 20 cm or so metal tube spare. In order to prevent the bottom of the Roof Top Tent was bad, in the construction of the grass on the ground before the grass to clean up. In the pull of the fixed rope, in order to avoid others do not pay atRoof Top Tention to mix, you can plug in a red cloth to remind others to pay atRoof Top Tention. To develop even when the wind is also playing the habit of nails, or the wind after the empty Roof Top Tent is easy to run by the wind. When the wind is very big, if you want to leave empty Roof Top Tent, it is best to Roof Top Tents down, in the above pressure on the weight to prevent the Roof Top Tents were bad wind. If the morning time allowed, it is best to wait for the sun to come out after the Roof Top Tents dried in the dry Roof Top Tents and wet Roof Top Tents in the weight will be a lot of difference.

Tail maintenance:

After each run out, go home to open the Roof Top Tent on the ventilated place to dry, or a long time will be moldy. Roof Top Tents try not to wash, if dirty can be wiped with a damp cloth. Avoid prolonged exposure when placed, Roof Top Tent fabric may accelerate aging; avoid contact with chemical reagents.

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