Roof Top Tent Easy To Build, Dismantle And Transport

- Aug 04, 2017 -

The Roof Top Tent on the house is built

Triangle Roof Top Tent

      1) Tilting the Roof Top Tent to the ground, flatten and nailed the nail under the bottom edge.

      2) from the Roof Top Tent to support the two pillars, put on the isolation tube, and then set into the bar.

      3) cover the Roof Top Tent coat and pull the jacket pull the nail, so that all the Peng Peng straight.

      4) will be a small hat into the support rod end, put on the wind pull line, complete.

Note: Triangle double Roof Top Tents inside and outside the Roof Top Tent there is a space, should keep this space, do not make the inner and outer "dip" together, this space can play a rain, warm role.

Dome-shaped Roof Top Tents

Dome-shaped Roof Top Tent to hold up is relatively simple: the Roof Top Tent tiled to the ground, nail under the four corners (some hexagonal) to the nails, you can also Teng Zhang Tu and then nailed to nails. Will be two groups (hexagonal dome for the three groups) Peng rods together, if the pits are parts, you need to follow the instructions group street connected. Will be pierced into the Roof Top Tent of the Roof Top Tent, the two groups of each end into the hole, the other end of the two sets of rods at the same time forced stretch, tighten also inserted into another set of holes. Put the Roof Top Tent to shake the shape can be flat on the ground to hit the nail. There is a jacket on the jacket or a small rain cover, complete.

  The Roof Top Tent is a movable building. Skeleton by the bill, camp rope to form and fixed, outside the skeleton is the external account, you can block the line of sight and wind and rain. Roof Top Tents can be easily built, dismantled and transported. Some Roof Top Tents are not fixed, directly in the wild, and some are tied to the ground on the pile. The Roof Top Tent was originally used as a nomadic, and now the Roof Top Tent is mainly used for camping. Modern Roof Top Tents require non-flammable materials. Fabric: Oxford cloth, single-sided PVC coated cloth [1] Color: sky blue ANTONG 19-4049 Flame retardant: ≤15 seconds Adaptation temperature: -45 ° - +65 ° Frame wind: 6-8 anti-surface water: 160 -200mm hydrostatic pressure: ≥ 50kpa product positioning, called quality positioning. Quality is the main measure of the product, the quality of the direct impact on the enterprise's products in the market competitiveness

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