Roof Top Tent Do Not Wear Shoes Into The Inside, Keep Clean

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Now we use the Roof Top Tent are generally sleeping 3 individuals, is a double, foreign account is used to rain, cold, wind, the account of the door is double, which is the gauze, used to prevent the snake Invasion, so the Roof Top Tent have to pull the curtain, the outer door to pull, you can create a hidden space, changing clothes, you can also heat, sleep at night appropriate to pull; tent inside a small pocket, easy to put Some piecemeal items. Tent is our wild home, so we must cherish, when the tent must listen to the instructor to explain, see the instructor to do demonstration, and then correctly installed. After holding the tent, put the Roof Top Tent of the black bag and the nails, put the tent bag into the tent, when the tent to use; do not wear shoes into the tent to keep clean. Especially not to smoke in the tent, the tent is afraid of the fabric, a Mars is a hole. Because the dew or water within the water can not be distributed, or rain, the Roof Top Tent will be wet, the next day before the tent can best put the tent to dry, if no conditions can also be said to go home after the Roof Top Tent before the Roof Top Tent The sand is clean, the curtain pulled, and then paved the account, put the foreign account paved, folded, while taking off the bottom of the lime of the tent, the tent pole rolled up, into the bag received good.

So many customers in the winter to use Roof Top Tent for the winter Roof Top Tent used to worry about it? Do not worry, Zhengzhou Dongfanghong Roof Top Tent for you out of small ideas! Posted: 2012-03-16 Validity: 30 Specifications: Quantity: 0.00 Price Description: Negotiable Detailed Product Description:

   General customers use Roof Top Tent in the winter to warm the main, then, how can the cotton Roof Top Tent to play the best advantage of warm, there are three points:

   ① for qualified manufacturers processing cotton Roof Top Tent in general in the tent waterproof is no problem, so pay attention to the roof of the snow and frozen things to be fast and timely. Snow can be covered in the top of the shed a layer of thin plastic skin, heavy snow when the drag left so that snow can fall, the freezing situation can be heated to the outside when the external melting in time with a broom sweep frozen water, can effectively prevent the second on the frozen and free from Can cause fatal harm to canvas.

  ② winter monsoon is too high, the tent to build down at the downhill, the internal base to do the link fixed, external to do the rope to ground fixed, to prevent the base shift and external scaffolding deformation. The root of the root with a reasonable seal geotextile, curtain curtain stickers to ensure that the impact of insulation and irrigation.

  ③ purchase Roof Top Tent to choose the production of regular Roof Top Tent manufacturers, Zhengzhou Dongfanghong Roof Top Tent factory professional processing Roof Top Tent for many years, quality assurance, the lowest price. The Roof Top Tent are covered with construction Roof Top Tent, military Roof Top Tent, relief Roof Top Tent, civil Roof Top Tent, advertising Roof Top Tent, tent design reasonable, stable, waterproof and after-sales guarantee in place. Zhengzhou Dongfanghong Tent Factory, you choose the first choice for Roof Top Tent!

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