Roof Top Tent Accessories To Ensure Good Ventilation

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Roof Top Tent Accessories The main function of the tent is wind, rain, dust, anti-dew, moisture, pest control, rather than warm. In accordance with the above objectives, the selection of tents should focus on the following factors:

1, to carry convenient.

Backpackers with traditional tents more convenient, after the demolition can be directly into the backpack;

Zijia You can choose to open the tent, Shoulong after the round cake, suitable for the trunk.

2, foreign accounts waterproof, internal account breathable, high-quality tents must have two points.

Foreign account:

The most common external coating is PU coating, its thickness and technology determines the fabric's water resistance, coating thickness with mm said. The PU800 coating indicates that the coating does not leak under a static water column of 800 mm.

PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate rain; PU1000-1200 coating can prevent heavy rain; more than 1500mm coating can be used in a variety of basic environment.

Some products PU coating technology is unstable, and very uneven, rain performance can not be guaranteed. Well-known brands do not represent high quality, and some for the export of tents,Roof Top Tent Accessories due to the strict quality requirements of foreign investors, ALICE is the ideal choice.

In addition to PU coating, foreign textile companies have also developed a lot of new high-functional coating, these coatings waterproof strong, good ventilation, known as the "breathing fabric", the outside of the rain can not be coated, and the human body The distribution of water vapor can penetrate the outside world.

Inside account:

Low-grade tents inside the use of nylon cloth or general gauze, high-grade tents in the use of dense and excellent gauze, to ensure good ventilation and anti-mosquito function.

3, pole strength, good resilience.

Material: the best rod is the carbon rod, down is the aluminum alloy, then down is the glass fiber, and finally the irons (except the force is almost no use).

Number of sets: the wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the material and diameter of the bill, but also the number of sets of bills, in general,Roof Top Tent Accessories the more the number of sets of bills, the better the windbreak performance. Such as 2 groups of ordinary aluminum tents can resist about 7-8 level winds. 3 sets of aluminum rod windproof capacity of 9 or so. The use of 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum tents can be used in the 11 or so blizzard environment.

4, account to be waterproof wear.

Commonly used materials for the PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE account used in the middle and low tents, waterproof polyester cloth for high-grade tents. PE is a polyethylene material, similar to the low-grade snakeskin bag, the actual tent is used with double-sided waterproof film PE material, including a large number of export tents are using the material.

The base contact with the ground, vulnerable to gravel, grass roots and other debris scratches, camping before, to clean up the ground hard objects, or use tents to cloth, bedding in the surface as a protective layer. Tent to the general use of 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth.

5, choose the front and rear doors or windows of the tent is more conducive to ventilation.

At this point, the new fast-open tent design is better, better ventilation.

6, the design should be reasonable.

Need to have enough nails and wind rope. Packaging bags, account nails, Zheng Sheng and other accessories also affect the use of tents. Packaging bags to choose strong and durable,Roof Top Tent Accessories the number of nails to ensure adequate, aluminum nail strength to be large, the account for the fixed tent tent.

Before buying tents, ask three questions:

1, hope in the annual season or what circumstances the use of tents?

2, tents often used by several people?

3, how much money would you like to spend?

If you are only using tents in spring, summer and autumn, and in low altitudes (2000 meters), ordinary PU1000 to 1500 glass tent is enough.

If you like a person long-distance travel, buy single tents, or 1 to 2 tents, such as single-headed account, or JWS account; if it is 2 or 3 people, buy the appropriate size of the tent,Roof Top Tent Accessories generally occupied by everyone The width is 55 to 60 cm.

If you use tents in winter and relatively high altitude areas, suggestions and professional advice advice, because the high-risk environment, the choice of equipment directly affect your safety. Generally such an environment needs aluminum count, PU1500 above coating.

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