Roof Top Tent Accessories Make More Longevity And Prepare

- May 18, 2017 -

From the construction of tents from the need to make tents more longevity and do the preparation, we do not underestimate the details, a lot of small details may make a big thing, completely to a different direction.

Get the tent does not prove that the tent is just factory, the interface suture by the time will be more and more water leakage or problems, after the hand of the tent is necessary to "start repair", and for the interface to do waterproofing can According to the account and account to do a different treatment, according to the different materials can also choose a different way to do waterproof interface. In addition to the pre-waterproof to do is familiar with the tent, how to take the tent is correct. Only the correct use of the tent will reduce the use of wear and tear, not familiar with the words easier to forget or loss of items within the tent.

When the tent has a certain degree of familiarity, it began to know the tent when using some of the problems, whether it is the choice of camp, before the clean-up, or the use of time to note, these have different skills and methods to avoid Or reduce the daily wear and tear of the tent, in addition to the tent can keep better, in the use of people who will also be of great help, such as more solid resistance to wind and rain, reduce moisture and many other benefits.

And after the use of cleaning and preservation, each little details will have a certain role, when these are done, not only the construction of the tent's life increased, when used will be more smooth and comfortable, than did not do To the "a lot of health".

1, Roof Top Tent Accessories carefully read the support method and then install, so as not to affect the use of improper installation;

2, Roof Top Tent Accessories to avoid sharp scratches tents, affecting the use of results;

3, after the use of tents, all of the Roof Top Tent Accessories should be collected to prepare for reuse;

4, tents accessories piece of each bracket on the load shall not exceed 100kg

5, Roof Top Tent Accessories handling process should be as lightly as possible, to prevent damage to the packaging to avoid loss of accessories;

6, such as the use of electrical appliances in the tent, please note that the wire and the iron bracket to have a good insulation, otherwise there will be electric shock hazard;

7, Roof Top Tent Accessories in the tent before you must carefully survey the terrain, the top of the camp do not have rolling stones, rolling wood and those weathering rocks;

8, Roof Top Tent Accessories rainy season not near the river bank and dry river bed to build tents;

9, Roof Top Tent Accessories for lightning, do not put the tent built in the top of the hill or empty wilderness;

10, Roof Top Tent Accessories in the mud or sand on the installation, you can dig around in the drainage ditch to ensure that the ground floor of the dry;

11, tents accessories materials used in non-flame retardant products, if you want to cook in the tent, be sure to let the flame away from the tarpaulin or fire board to isolate the flame, cooking people can not leave the tent, usually do a fire plan, and install the exhaust fan Eliminate fumes;

12, Roof Top Tent Accessories to predict the local wind more than eight or more, please remove the tent in advance.

13, tents accessories cotton tent must be stored before the drape tarpaulin, until it is restored and then folded and stored, if too late to cool the tarpaulin, remember that we can not keep a long time, so as not to color and mildew.

14, Roof Top Tent Accessories depending on the local humidity and climate, regular drying tarpaulin, so as not to breed bacteria, so that tents rain coating was destroyed.

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