Roof Tents-change Not Just The Way The Car Camp Is

- Apr 11, 2017 -

The roof of the tent originated in in the 1850 of the 19th century, the exact words earlier, already had the prototype of the roof tent.

Foreigners are mostly fond of traveling, and many are far from the city, close to nature, not every household can afford a car, long travel time, the hotel is expensive, roof tents become a good choice. Far away from the ground, clean and humid, also do not have to associate with the wild animal insects, night can watch the stars sleep, waking up in the morning to greet the first ray of sunshine, breathing fresh air. This is the holiday!

With the modern more and more people are keen on the roof tent camp way, the roof of the car from the appearance or the internal structure of the configuration has a great improvement, hard-top from the original triangle tends to space larger rectangular, soft roof style also more and more like house style, large windows and skylight, let the vision better, the internal structure is added LED lights, mobile phone bags, electric fans, make travel more comfortable and convenient, configuration also take into account the increasingly civilized factors of modern, can choose a subtle room, It can also be used for bathing. Practical at the same time, also without losing the romantic breath.

Looking at such a beautiful night, the mind can not help but Lenovo more romantic scenes: With you drive car, with the cat, go to the seaside, feel face to the sea, the breeze of the comfort of blowing.

To the prairie, visit the days of gray, wild boundless, wind blowing grassland is now the mood of cattle and sheep ~ Go desert, a taste of endless, mighty sea sand Majestic mountain peak, watching the stars point, telling the story of Love.

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