Roof Tent It Is Very Important To Use The Waistline

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Roof Tent are no stranger to people, and the tent's borders are suitable for some cottage Roof Tent, and its pillars or pillars are made of short bars.

Roof Tent built in a variety of equipment are indispensable. The application of the tent in the application of the waist is very important, it is from the tent curtain and the roof of the bottom of the extension, the waist rope must be fixed with a nail, or may lead to the collapse of the tent. There are two kinds of outdoor tent bracket, one is the other one of the glass fiber is aluminum, the two brace is known as the glass and aluminum rod. Out of the brackets outside the two Roof Tent of the quality and configuration are the same, the aluminum pole than the expensive some of the glass. Because relatively speaking, aluminum Roof Tent have a high toughness, low temperature resistance, light, long life and other advantages. Of course, the purchase of which also depends on the buyer's personal preferences.

What do we need to pay attention to when we use the tent?

Try to choose a flat camp, the scheduled camp on the protrusions as much as possible to clear. This can avoid sleep when the back of the uncomfortable, but also to avoid the tent was punctured.

Prepare an extra cloth, lay the cloth under the tent, inside the tent or outside, but on the outside can keep the tent clean, you can also avoid the stones or branches on the ground to destroy the tent to cloth.

When entering the tent, do not put the shoes into the tent.

Sunshine ultraviolet light will damage the fabric of the fabric strength, if the camp is not redundant shade can cover the tent, it is recommended that you put the rain cloth to cover the sun, to avoid direct sunlight to the Roof Tent.

When you build a tent, it is best to fix the tent with a nail on the ground, although the tent now do not need to nail can be built independently, but the power of nature is limitless, do not think that someone inside the tent With the backpack escorted on the right, according to the author's experience, when the nature of the show when the Roof Tent together with the people inside the same blow to run!

To determine your tent ventilation is good! Because we sleep at night, the body's sweat and breath will increase the humidity inside the tent tent four people sleep in a tent, a night time can Accumulate up to 1 liter of water, if the tent is not well ventilated, it must be up in the morning four people sleeping tent sleeping mats are wet.

Before you receive the tent, make sure that there are no things or debris left in the tent.

Combination camp column, as far as possible a section of a combination, do not use the way off combination. Remove the camp column, starting from the middle of the demolition, and then split the two ends, so you can keep the flexibility of elastic rope.

When you close the tent, do not use the same way to fold the inner and the rag, which will accelerate the degree of damage to the fabric, and it is best to fold in different ways each time.

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