Roof Tent How To Maintain Is Also Very Important

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Summer is the sales season of the Roof Tent, many friends bought a Roof Tent, do not know how to maintain his use of longer time in this army this friend Roof Tents Xiao Bian and share with you how to maintain the Roof Tent:

⒈ clean ventilated place after the natural dry air, do not put sun exposure or hot place to bake, to prevent the withdrawal or degumming, to accelerate aging. 

⒉ non-professional labor shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances do not contact, so as not to be corrosion and degumming deformation. 

⒊ Roof Tents cloth cleaning should be gentle and uniform. Can not force the fierce brush, so as not to short-term, or brush out the shoe body patterns and decorative parts. 

⒋ avoid sharp and sharp contact with the items to prevent scratching.

⒌ For colored canvas Roof Tents, do not contact with carbon ink and other items difficult to clean. The color of the canvas is cleaned after being coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay atRoof Tention to even, and then dry, can prevent discoloration. Or to find two white clean paper covered in the above, after drying to tear up. Also anti-discoloration.

⒍ there are broken, dropped, or loose parts such as loose parts should be promptly repair. To extend its service life.

⒎ another Roof Tent cloth should be cleaned regularly to prevent moldy smelly. Do not wash with a washing machine. Some people think that Roof Tents fold, the price is low, too lazy hand wash. I do not know and decorative pieces are not the same, with a washing machine wash is easy to fall off fade.

How does the Roof Tent buy?

Pole pole must buy aluminum rod (aluminum bar strength and toughness is much higher than the glass), the glass in the cold case or the use of time more than 1 year after the crack, and the weight is also a lot of weight. New donkeys tend to pay atRoof Tention to the appearance of the Roof Tent is good-looking, while ignoring the real needs of their own things. First of all, you need to actually understand the Roof Tent inside the space is reasonable, wind performance. Second, the waterproof performance of the Roof Tent to be reliable, if you sleep in the middle of the night suddenly found the Roof Tent leaking, and that I am afraid not a romantic thing. There is the Roof Tent is easy to build (of course, the speed of construction and you are also familiar with the Roof Tent). With these selection factors, we can see which Roof Tents are suitable for us. If you go to the snow-capped mountains, then the Roof Tents for the wind and build the function requirements are relatively high, if you are just ordinary camping, then the waterproof requirements are relatively high. If you travel by car, you can choose a large Roof Tent, one does not need you back it, the second large space environment allows you to enjoy the fun of the wild.

If you buy the best Roof Tents of the best, high-end Roof Tent choice is relatively large: nemo, big anges, MSR technology conRoof Tent is high, the warranty is also convenient. BD, vaude, marmot, TNF can also be ranked on the world-class brand. But the above price of several basic in more than 1000, careful consideration, for the new donkey to buy a very expensive Roof Tent is not a wise way.

In fact, domestic Roof Tents are also fully enough, animal husbandry flute, kailas, luxe, SNOWWOLF, K2 ... ... a few hundred dollars to buy a Roof Tent is actually quite good. Do not pay atRoof Tention to those automatic Roof Tents or single-layer Roof Tents that are park-level, do not buy.

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