Methods And Techniques Of Build Tents

- Apr 11, 2017 -

First decide the place to put up the tent, according to order, by 4 people work together, do not take much time, can set up. In order to consider the situation of tent withdrawal, the initial collocation of the situation, will be more convenient.

Tents have a variety of different types, at the same time, there are different production, collocation design and combination. Small tents, type a tent, wall tent in the order of the construction, the combination of the way, is the use of cables erected "tent set up", but recently developed improved warhead and hut-type tents, is belonging to the "combination tent."

The following is one of the basic tents, which is a fairly popular wall-type tent For example, explaining the way the tent is erected.

Decision of Location A

After considering the wind and terrain, choose a flat land.

b Inspection of tent appliances

Pour out the items in the bag, and inspect the parts individually. In order to withdraw the tent when the convenience and do not omit things, should be recorded first.

C Laying Ground mat

After the ground mat is paved, the four corners are fixed with nails. If there is a lot of humidity, the mat is laid before it is placed.

D. Prop up, pulling the main rope

Put the pillar underneath the holes in the ground pad, and the tip of the top of the pillar, into the hole in the two pillars of the curtain wall, will pull the left and right main rope to avoid the left and right tilt. In this way, the main body of the tent is formed.

E Adjusting main rope, pulling up corner rope, waist rope

With a rope attached to the main rope, adjust the shape of the tent and stand the two pillars vertically on the ground. Secondly, adjusting the angle rope and waist rope with the rope to make the tent form appear.

F Fixed Walls

Connect the tent floor, floor mats and the bottom of the walls.

The above is the building order of the wall tent, four people division of labor, in the skilled state, about 10-15 minutes can complete.

Usually, the roof cover will be added to reduce the effects of rain and sun exposure and freezing. In step d, inserting the pillar into the holes at the ends of the building, first with the roof cover, and then pulling the main rope, the main rope is fixed with a nail, and the vertex of the roof of the building is formed on both sides of the equilateral triangle, and the length of the bottom will be pulled into equal lengths From the top of the roof, the angular rope should be stretched diagonally, and the waist rope is in a straight line with the angular rope.

In the past, the tent should be dug around the ditch. Now, stand in the protection of the natural position, unless in the water depressions, otherwise no longer dug ditches. Well, congratulations you have basically mastered the skills of building tents, the rest of your own slowly to improve the practice! Buy a tent to try!

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