How To Buy A Tent For Your Own

- Apr 11, 2017 -

When purchasing tents, pay attention to the following points:

1, tent materials: The bottom of the tent to wear, water seepage control, generally is to withstand pressure greater than 1000mm, the internal material to breathe, otherwise living uncomfortable at the same time, night campers exhaled heat will form dew, making tents inside damp; external material must also have waterproof coating, preferably PU coating.

2, the establishment of tents is easy to operate, windproof rope, nail and other accessories are complete. Simple and easy to operate is important, who do not want to outdoor sports after the physical exertion of severe overdraft in the case of complex tents,

3, the color of the tent best choose warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red, easy to distinguish the surrounding environment.

4. Structural structure should be stabilized. The design of each face to smooth, reduce the wind resistance. There is no large area of easy water and snow design. Not only to consider the appearance of beautiful, but neglect his design of the rationality of the building. As well as peripheral auxiliary fulcrum is reasonable.

5, the external and bottom stitching on whether the use of PU or PVC adhesive tape, otherwise it will cause rainwater infiltration.

6, buy tents can not light the picture. Lightweight tents are the goal of everyone, but whether there is enough space and its sturdy tent can cope with some special needs, such as the bottom area, how many things can be placed, the strength of the account rod, against the harsh weather conditions and so on.

In addition, the purchase of tents should be based on their own use, such as 1, is in the summer, non-snow, snow or four seasons will be used, 2, the number of tents accommodated, a person will be used to share with others, 3, you want to have the space, 4, the weight of tents, 5, you can accept the price, and so on.

Different tents can be selected according to the seasons of use:

1, Summer use

Summer accounts are generally single-storey, quite ventilated, there is rain shed, plus a layer of nylon bottom, is a low elevation camp, it can withstand light rain, design considerations focus on ventilation, followed by harsh weather resistance. Usually the top cover for the ventilation screen screen, the bottom is nylon cloth, there are external accounts, color will not let the interior too sun, but can not withstand strong winds, the external account only to withstand the light rain.

2, three seasons use/non-snow period

The three quarterly accounts refer to tents used in non-snow periods, and its differences lie in the camp. It can resist strong winds and a slight snow, most tents have a breathable nylon internal account with the waterproof layer, the door is a double-decker, a layer is gauze, tent inside the moisture can reveal, the door is larger, this kind of tent suitable for three days to a week of activities, preferably forest or not excessive exposed to open camp terrain.

3, Four Seasons use

The material of the tent is hard, can support the snow and strong winds, double-door easy access, can camp in harsh weather, such tents design consideration of the snow period of equipment and the issue of the internal and external accounting space enough to cook, suitable for the forest boundary snow storm.

Different tents can also be selected depending on the use of the environment:

Tents differ according to various environmental designs, any tent only focuses, not adapted to various environment equipment. So buy time to think about where you often go.

Tent use environment is divided into: one is leisure, no bottom, materials also do not have too many requirements, easy to carry, mainly the beach and other recreational places shade, temporary rest; the second is the general field tents, have the bottom, the material requirements relatively high, the camp Rod made of fiberglass, lightweight easy to carry. Three, alpine use. Most of the alpine airflow is quite intense, and the camp pillars must support the harsh weather conditions that resist sudden onset. The camp is made of aluminium alloy, the outer layer of the tent is torn apart, and there is a wide skirt, and a stone is pressed against the storm. Tent design should be suitable for climbing or hiking needs, quality easy to carry, comfortable living.

When you buy, you can look at the environment in which the tent is suitable for example: the Pastoral high flute Cold Mountain 2air double-decked tent, the scope of application is the elevation below 2-kilometer.

Choose from the number of people used in tents:

Tents generally have single tents, two-person tents and three tents, such as the Pastoral high-flute Cold Mountain 1, Cold Mountain 2, Cold Mountain 3, respectively, is single, double and three. The purchase may be based on the number of users. But many of the donkey's own friends prefer a two-person tent, a person can be relaxed, if need can be mixed up at any time, one person can use three people. If the two people use the words can also consider the purchase of three people, in short, according to their actual use of the situation and preferences can be selected.

The price of the tent, the same is double tents, there are two to 300 yuan, such as Snow Wolf Dream Kay, also has three to 400 pastoral high flute Cold Mountain 2, and four to 500 yuan even higher, can be purchased according to personal capacity as appropriate.

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