How To Build A Tent

- Apr 11, 2017 -

How to build a tent? For you to like or often outdoor sports, learning to build tents is necessary! So, learn how to build a tent!

How to build a tent? The first is the camp choice. The flat site, will have selected good tent area clean, clear stones, dwarf shrubs and other uneven, with thorns, with sharp objects of anything, uneven places can be filled with soil or grass. If it is a sloping slope, only the slope is not greater than 10 degrees generally can be used as camping camp.

If you have a tent camp consisting of several tents, you should pay attention to:

One, all tents should be a direction, that is, the tent doors are open, side-by-way layout.

Two, the tent should be kept between 1 meters of spacing, in the absence of necessary circumstances to try not to tie the tent of anti-wind rope, lest tripping people.

Third, if necessary, should be set up cordon (ditch), in the wild street can encounter threatening animals or bad people attack, of course, this possibility is very small. Can be used in the tent area of lime, tar, such as stimulating substances Wai Tent area to draw a circle, so that can prevent the invasion of reptiles such as snakes. or use electronic alarm system and other methods.

How to build a tent? A roof-shaped tent is erected, tied to a rope between two trees, or with a portable tool as a prop, with a backpack strap connected with both ends fixed on the ground. Then put the square ponchos on the rope or backpack belt, the bottom of the stones can be pressed firmly. Ponchos can also be connected to a number of blocks, constituting a large tent for 4~8 people. This roof tent fits all sorts of terrain.

Yi Mian po-shaped Tent: This tent is suitable for erecting in broken walls, ridges, etc. When erecting, the ponchos is fixed on the walls or ridges, and the other side is fixed on the ground, with branches and weeds clogging the wind. When the woodland is erected, it can also be fixed with trees.

How to build a tent? The good or bad of the tent is related to the quality of your sleep all night. Quickly learn to build up the tent skills, camping can sleep a peacefully sleep.

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