Car Bedroom-top Billing

- Apr 11, 2017 -

This car tent can be easily mounted on top of the car folded up, and then need to be used when expanding can rest inside.

The size can support two people, with their own partners ride, parked in the valley or the sea side, watching the stars and Chaoyang, that is how wonderful AH

Roof tents, also known as the roof of the "home", with the automotive industry and the development of the peripheral industry, has been 50 or 60 years of history. With the increase of car ownership in China, self-driving travel gradually warmed up, the roof of the car tent is an outdoor self-driving tour of the optional equipment.

The roof tent is easy and quick to install, adapted to a variety of models, and SUVs and SUV match complement each other. The roof of the car tent is hailed as the roof of the house, really realizing the building of outdoor, happy-go-lucky mood.

  • SKYGII 2 Persons SUV Triangle Hard Shell Roof Car Top Tent For Camping
  • SKYGII Triangle Hard Top Trailer Rooftop Car Camping Tent
  • SKYGII Ladder for Car Roof Top Tent
  • SKYGII Rack for Car Roof Top Tent
  • SKYGII Spacious Off-Road Fold Out 4X4 Roof Top Tent Camping In 420D Oxford Fabric
  • SKYGII Wind Resistant 4WD Off-Road Roof Tent on Top of Car

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