A Rare Tent Is Divided Into Five.

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Tents are designed to have different uses and have different styles. In the form of tents, a rare tent is roughly divided into five styles.

Triangle Canvas Tent: Before and after the use of herringbone iron pipe as a stent, two racks of cross-bar cohesion, prop up the internal accounts, loading up the external accounts, this is the most late of the most rare tent style.

Dome-shaped canvas tents (also known as yurts type): To take two-pole interspersed support, disassembly is a simple comparison, is currently the most popular style.

Hexagonal canvas Tent: Take three or four pole interspersed support, and some adopt six-pole design, pay attention to the stability of the tent, is the "flat type" of the rare style tent.

Ship bottom-shaped canvas tent: Prop up like a back-buckle past boats, but also can be divided into two, three different support methods, individual two bedroom, two for the Hall shed, in the design attention to wind flow line, is also a rare tent style.

Roof-shaped canvas tent: the appearance of a small, independent of the house, support is usually four pillars, the upper shelf a ridge-shaped structure roof, this kind of tents in contrast small, lightweight, suitable for motorists or absolutely fixed Field Operation Camp use, so there is car tents said.

In the event of a fire, the fire escape blanket wrap around the body, able to quickly escape from the scene to provide good help. In addition, residents in the family life can also make their own fireproof cloth, self-made fireproof cloth not only economical and practical, but also can be widely used in other areas. In the fire escape process, in addition to the primary maintenance of breathing safety and unimpeded, another very important point is to avoid the body on ignition.

In the absence of escape, forced to rush out of the flames to get a way out, the protection of the body's traditional tools are soaked blankets, bedding, clothing and so on. However, in the actual situation, one does not have too much time energy to prepare for wetting, two soaked blankets, bedding, clothes and so heavy, for the tension, shortness of breath, such as the cause of the survival of the escape is a huge test, so self-made fire escape blanket may be a good choice.

Fire experts point out that the main tool of homemade fireproof cloth is alum, generally at the grocery store or drugstore can be bought. The principle of fire prevention is through the chemical treatment of cloth alum, the formation of non-melt film covering the garment, isolated from the combustion of oxygen, thus improving the fire resistance of cloth. When making a fireproof cloth, the first is to configure Alum solution, take cold water or lukewarm waters, and dissolve the proportion of 1 kilograms alum powder in about 11 liters of aqueous solution; Secondly, the prepared cloth is completely soaked in the solution, the soaking time is about five minutes; Finally, the cloth is removed and dried naturally.

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