What parts of the tent are made of travel common sense?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Name of the part of the tent. Tents are carried in the way of parts and they are assembled before they arrive at the site, so a variety of parts and tools are needed. Understand the name and use of the parts, familiar with the structure of the tent, can quickly and conveniently put up tents. Tent main body: tent cloth, pillar and cushion. Pillar: There is a straight or two, three connected various types. Bending parts of some tubular pillars need to be connected with wires. Borders: Use bullet-shaped tents or cabin-type tents to synthesize pillars or pillars of short bars. Building: The top part of the tent. Roof: Part of a sloping surface of a tent. Wall: The wall part of the tent side. Some tents are not at all. Shelter: A part of the roof, open to the front, supported by other pillars. Door: The entrance to the tent. You can set a window on the other side. Ground mat: A cushion in a tent that is laid on the ground. If the humidity is heavy place, also need to pave a layer of bamboo mat. Flying pad: On the roof of the tent, another laid cushion to shelter the intense sunlight. The second floor roof. Main rope: Also known as String. The pillars are separated from the ends of the pillar, which is used to avoid the tilt of the pillar and fasten with nails. Angular rope: Extends from the bottom of the roof of the tent cloth and fixed with nails. Nail: Inserts the ground, with fixed rope and tent cloth curtain bottom. There are wooden, metal and synthetic resin system. Wooden Pachypodium or hammer: Use when the nail is penetrated into the ground. To survive the buckle of wood or metal ...

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