There are several types of tents.

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1 Elastic Just: These are usually children's books or beach games.

2 of the most visible is the glass fiber tube has 6. 9/7. 9/8. 5/9. 5/11/12. 5 Series. The thicker rigidity is stronger, the weaker the smoothness. Therefore, the stent selection of the fiber tube is not reasonable based on its ground scale and the height of the resolution, too coarse and fine are simple broken. For example: 210*210*130 is the share of contrast classic scales, and tubes are usually 7. 9 or 8. 5. The name of Alpha Nicole originates from the Alps. ALPINE originally translated into the Alps, in Europe, the field movement is called the Alps movement. The Alps field movement has more than 100 years ago history, is the European common populace enthusiastic leisure, comfortable field lifestyle pronoun.

3 Aluminum Alloy Skeleton: Contrast advanced, according to the alloy proportioning test is also difficult, usually the original bracket of the whole radian curve, are first calculated and then hot shaping treatment. Features are light-carrying convenience is still not easy to fold, but the quality of the simple twists and turns.

  • SKYGII 2 Persons SUV Triangle Hard Shell Roof Car Top Tent For Camping
  • SKYGII Truck Hard Shell Roof Top Tent With Wind Resistant Triangle Hydraumatic Waterproof ABS For 2 Persons
  • SKYGII SUV Car Folding Roof Top Tent Australia Style
  • SKYGII Hard Top 4x4 Off-Road Roof Top Auto Tent
  • SKYGII Portable Car Truck Fiberglass Camping Roof Top Tent With Hard Shell For 2 Persons
  • SKYGII SUV Automatic Waterproof Car Hard Shell Rack Clamshell Roof Top Tent

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