Ten precautions for construction tent

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. The load on each bracket should not exceed 200 kg, the handling process should be handled with light, the outer packaging to prevent breakage, lest lose fittings.

2. The use of electrical appliances, such as in tents, pay attention to the power supply.

3. Security is the first place, the tent position must choose in the safe zone, before the tent, must carefully inspect the terrain, the camp above can not have Rolling Stones, bowling and weathering rocks.

4. Tents should be built as far as possible in the high, flat, ventilation conditions better, as far as possible away from the water, especially not on the beach to build tents, lest rain sudden drop, the river sudden rise, the new disaster.

5. To strengthen mine awareness, do not set up tents in the peak or open wilderness to prevent lightning strikes.

6. When installed in mud or sandy land, drains can be dug around the tent to ensure dry ground in the canopy.

7. Avoid sharp equipment to scratch the tent, affect the use of tents, the use of all the spare parts should be collected for re-use.

8. Be sure to hang tarpaulin before storing, lest coloring and mildew. Should be regularly drying tarpaulin, lest breeding bacteria and so on.

9. Pay attention to improving the environment in the tent, as much as possible to sleep separately, tents used materials for non-flame retardant products, such as in the tent cooking, must let the flame away from the tarpaulin and use fire-proof board isolation, flame cooking can not leave the tent, and install exhaust fan to exclude fumes.

10. If the wind exceeds the eighth level, please withdraw the bill in advance.

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