Storage of Car Tents

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, tents In addition to the use of timely cleaning of dust and adhesion, also should be the fabric of both sides of the moisture wipe off, to be completely dry after folding storage. If not completely dry storage, it is easy to mold fabrics and adhesion and other problems. Affect the life of the tent!

2, the tent in completely dry folding storage, try not to put other items on the tent, lest cause waterproof adhesive material bending permanent fatigue, and produce degumming phenomenon.

3, regular or irregular tent to get out of the cool Sun (avoid sunshine) half a day, after re-folding storage, the advantage is that can prevent the tent fabric mildew and adhesion, more can make the tent bend the waterproof pressure rubber strip will not produce permanent fatigue, extending the whole life of the tent.

4. After the tent is cleared, the method of compressing storage with the original storage bag is undesirable.

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