Some common sense of camping tent selection

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Chapter 1: Some common sense of the selection of camping tent in the wild

How to choose a tent suitable for camping in the wild? Camping Tents range Linlang, countless, easily dazzled, to see for everyone to prepare some of the choice of tents small common sense.

I. Understanding the classification and style of tents

Currently on the market a wide variety of tents, in its classification, the circle of people in the habit of dividing it into two categories, a category of "Alpine type", mainly for the more harsh climatic conditions and design, performance indicators focus on the wind, rain, high strength, in the selection of materials more sophisticated, in the production of more complex technology, belonging to high-grade tents, suitable for mountaineering, adventure more complex climate environment. The other is what we usually call "travel type", for general outing, camping and design, in the selection of more attention to the economy, the production process is relatively simple, belonging to low-grade tents, can be used as a general environment camping.

Tents are designed to take into account different uses and the district divides into different styles, in the shape of tents, the common tent can be divided into five styles.

1. Triangle tent, before and after the use of herringbone iron pipe as a stent, the intermediate rack a cross-bar connection, prop up the internal accounts, loading up the external accounts, this is the earliest most common tent style.

2. Garden roof tent, also known as yurts type, using double-pole cross-support, disassembly is relatively simple, is currently the most popular style in the market.

3. Hexagonal tent, with three-pole or four-pole cross-support, and some six-pole design, focusing on the stability of the tent, is the "Alpine type" tent common style.

4. The ship bottom-shaped tent, propped up like a back-buckle boat, can be divided into two, three poles of different support methods, the middle of the general bedroom, two for the Hall shed, in the design focus on the wind flow line, is also one of the common tent styles.

5. Roof-shaped tent, its shape is like a separate small house, the support is usually four pillars, the shelves of a structural ridge-shaped roof, such a tent is generally relatively tall, comparatively bulky, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field camp use, so there is car tents said.

II. Understanding the structure and specifications of tents

Because of the different demands of the traveler, the tent is divided into the structure of the design, which can be divided into single room structure and the tent structure. The space of the single room structure is designed for sleeping only, focusing on narrowing the volume, reducing the weight, while the tent of the hall-style structure is in the sleeping space plus the Menpong-style exterior hall, in addition to wind, rain more superiority, but also set up space for storage equipment.

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