Roof tents following eight advantages

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, push-pull canopy and AVING rack can be installed all the cars, roof 10 tons of wide application range, not only limited to SUVs

2, anytime, anywhere instant camping. When camping in the wild, setting or folding roof 10 tons only takes 20 seconds

3, tent material good, and double aluminum plate structure. Polyester-Cotton fabrics use Australian push tarpaulin fine canvas to ensure that the beast can not tear

4, the space is strong, open the push-pull canopy roof pavilion to go to be 2.4 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, high 1.3 meters.

5, installing on the roof cannot stop scenery on a push-pull canopy. Mounted prevent groundwater and prevent wild animals.

6, the session is complete, excellent quality, aluminum telescopic ladder, centimeter thickened sponge pad, give you comfort.

7, waterproof performance is good, and there are four yarn doors and windows, ventilation mosquitoes.

8, easy to carry, folded into a square, only 47 kilograms 9, perfect fittings supply and after-sales service system.

  • SKYGII Triangle Hard Top Trailer Rooftop Car Camping Tent
  • SKYGII Folding Roof Top Tent on Trailer
  • SKYGII SUV Car Folding Roof Top Tent Australia Style
  • SKYGII Trailer Hardtop Roof Mounted Rtt Top Tent for Car Camping
  • SKYGII Wind Resistant 4WD Off-Road Roof Tent on Top of Car
  • SKYGII SUV Automatic Waterproof Car Hard Shell Rack Clamshell Roof Top Tent

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