Repairing holes in tents-repairing bags and glue can be done

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Cut two pieces of fabrics against the size of the break, slightly larger than the break. It is better to trim the fabric corners and not easily fly.

First to fill the bottom of the outside, posted on the fabric is best not coated PU side outward, more wear-resistant. Evenly coated glue, especially the edge of a circle, to be painted, and then paste up, paste good after the words can be put together at the seams, foolproof. Need to note that the Kailas with this glue dry very fast, 10 seconds will be killed, so glue action must be very fast.

Believe that many people have encountered this situation, is the whole tent is still very new, there are individual places but broke a hole, lost a pity, how to do? Here's a way to patch the tent holes.

Put this face again, even if you do, if you don't care about beautiful words can be coated at the seams, will be more solid.

This is kailas with patching glue, this glue volatile very fast, so a tube also can not be painted much, so a toss is exhausted.

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