Precautions for the outdoor use of tents

- Apr 11, 2017 -

When we travel in the wild, the tent is our home, because in the field conditions in contrast hard, we how to use the right tent ability not only to show the role of good tents and conserve our tent. 1, the first thing we should pay attention to is ultraviolet rays, because ultraviolet ray simply to any kind of synthetic material will make fiber differentiation damage, UV rays will make fibers fade, weakness and gradual differentiation. The degree of UV damage is related to the elevation of the fibers directly exposed to the sunlight and camp tents. If tents are not collected during the day, the high altitude ultraviolet rays will damage the tent within a month. So the best way to prolong the life of tents is not to let it expose in the sun, as far as possible the tent in the shadow of the local, in the morning it picked up, the night before it, so your tent can be used for many years. 2, for food from storage, try not to store food in tents. The animals will rip or bite your tent in order to get food. 3, must maintain the tent rod, when installing the tent rod, do not let the tent pole twists and turns. Make sure all the rods are placed in front of the prop. Adhere to the tent rod cleaning, do not let it stain on the dust, sand and salt. Remember that some of the convergence of the Local has not been electroplating, it will rust, so must pay special attention, of course, aluminum rod and carbon fiber rod better. When you take apart these rods, remember to always start from the center, and then to the top part, so that the elastic rope balance sheet, this is a long time to keep the tent rod to maintain a good important element.

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