How to choose the most practical car tent

- Apr 11, 2017 -

What is "car tent"? It is the shed that is propped up on the ground, the sunlight and the shelter. Made of all kinds of cloth, together with the supporting things, can be moved at any time, convenient disassembly.

With the needs of people's lives, today's car tents and 2 years ago in the car tents in the structure, material has a tremendous change, its performance is far more than people's impression of the level! Nowadays automobile tents are widely used in all walks of life, such as military, field, flood relief, warehousing and so on play its irreplaceable role.

The bracket of the car tent is generally made of metal tubing, which can be divided into 3 categories: Top pole type, folding type, push-pull. The top lever has the characteristics of light weight and fast installation, the disadvantage is that the wind resistance is poor, such as the 81 tent bracket is the top pole type. Folding bracket is a new support structure in recent years, more used in small tents, with a better performance than the top pole bracket, and the push-pull is with casters of the steel frame structure shed, retractable freely, shielding ultraviolet effect of up to 98% is a special car tent.

To sum up the users to buy tents to consider: the use of the long time, the frequency of movement, cold or tropical use, the terrain environment. This will be able to buy the most economical and applicable car tents.

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